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Machine Tool Alignment Inc.
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Since 1994, Morely Machine Tool Alignment has provided measurement and calibration services to a vast array of manufacturing equipment in multiple industries, including Forestry and Agriculture.

We were asked by Resource Saver Industries (RSI) to conduct alignment and calibrations for a newly developed robotic sawmill system, which was designed and built specifically for Roseburg Forest Products. The sawmill system enables an increased recovery rate, minimizes waste, and performs at the highest speed possible for logging production. The system uses robotic arms that pivot and move in each location, pushing logs into the next process along the production chain. RSI required calibration of the pivot points for the arm system, thereby confirming accuracy. There were additional challenges, as the pendulum arms were out of the equipment's line of site. This required the use of laser tracking to map out their center positions in order to optimize the entire process.

Our team developed the "Rail Rider", a FARO Laser Tracker mounted to a horizontal beam which rode over the pendulum arms and measured the pivot points. The project consisted of two phases. The first required building a coordinate system to measure the in-feed and out-feed ends of the arms, identifying each pivot point. Once these points were located, measurement values were set and welded into place. In the second phase, we established the dynamic positioning of the arms on each fixture where there was a pickup point for the log. Our engineers viewed the results in real-time and inputted the necessary calculations into the control system. Once each control point was established and verified, measurements were taken to achieve overall pivot accuracy to ±.005".

As a result, we collaborate with RSI each year to standardize the calibration process. This project ultimately improved the system on a number of fronts including procedure, speed, and accuracy enabling faster return to production for the mill.

Morley Machine Tool Alignment Inc. in Milton Washington specializes in this type of work. We are conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma Washington. Contact Us For A Quote Today!

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